A well-designed garage

Time for a Garage Update? Where to Start

Garages are an essential part of many homes, providing an extra layer of protection for your vehicle and a convenient way to store items you don’t want inside the house. Installing a garage door is one of the most cost-effective and beneficial upgrades you can make to your home. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), garage doors can bring homeowners up to 97% return on investment when they are ready to sell their house.

In addition to helping increase the market value of a home, garages also provide essential security for household items. It’s estimated that car theft costs Americans about $7 billion in 2020, but having a secure garage can help reduce this number significantly by making it more difficult for criminals to take vehicles out of a property without being noticed.

Another great benefit of having a garage is convenience. It provides easy in-and-out access while keeping cars safe and offers much-needed storage space for tools and other equipment you may not have room for inside the house. Keeping these items organized and neat in one place makes them much easier to find when needed. Garage shelving is also handy if you want to store items off the floor so they don’t get damaged or lost over time due to foot traffic or pets running inside the garage.

Not surprisingly, many people are beginning to see garages as an essential part of any home improvement project from an aesthetic and functional perspective. According to a survey by Houzz, nearly half (48%) of all homeowners who plan on remodeling their homes intend on updating their existing garages — some even converting them into additional living spaces or workshops that fit their lifestyle needs better than before. Still, you can find ways to improve your garage, starting with these tasks.

New Garage Door

The garage door is a critical component of the area, both functionally and aesthetically. It will protect your car, prevent burglars from entering, and keep your vehicle away from harsh weather. From an aesthetic standpoint, it also adds to the overall look of a home’s facade and can instantly update it with minimal effort.

Replacing an existing door with a new one is often more accessible and cost-effective than repairing an old one, especially if it’s showing signs of wear and tear. Suppose you choose this route, research different types of doors and find out which is best suited for your needs — such as strength, insulation, style, etc. You should also contact a professional installer who can properly install the new garage door so that it operates safely and efficiently.

Most modern garage doors are technologically advanced and come with remote control operation, motion sensors, and extra-secure locks.

Insulation Improvement

Improving garage insulation

Adding insulation to your garage is vital if you want it to be more energy-efficient and comfortable all year round. This can help regulate the temperature inside, reducing energy costs in both winter and summer.

In addition to using insulation for temperature control, it also helps reduce noise levels from outside and between rooms inside the house. Insulating materials such as fiberglass or foam board can be added directly onto a wall or ceiling and sealed with caulk. It’s best to hire a professional contractor specializing in this type of job so they can do an excellent job while ensuring safety throughout the process.

Flooring Upgrade

Your garage floor should be just as important as any other room in your house. Opting for concrete, tile, or epoxy coating will make the area look more attractive and increase its overall value.

Consider practicality and durability when selecting a new flooring material for your garage. Rubber or vinyl tiles are great options as they are quick to install and easy to maintain in the long run. You can also opt for interlocking tiles with drainage holes — perfect for providing grip in wet weather conditions and protecting against damage caused by flooding or vehicle leaks.

Finally, ensure proper ventilation to prevent mold growth during humid seasons. It’s best to install a fan system with automatic timers to circulate air throughout the space. This helps keep unhealthy moisture levels and prevents unpleasant odors from settling in the garage.

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are many ways you can improve your garage space to make it safer, more energy-efficient, and more aesthetically appealing — all at once! Start by assessing your budget and then go from there to find the best options for transforming your existing area into a functional extension of your home. With the proper planning, dedication, and resources, you’ll be able to create a beautiful space that everyone will enjoy!

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