Fence Style 101: Fencing Options to Match Your Home’s Design

Fencing your property isn’t just for security and privacy. It also enhances the aesthetic quality of your home, especially if you choose a fence style that complements the design of your abode. Whether it’s rustic, contemporary, or traditional, the right fence style enhances your curb appeal and attracts the eye of guests and passersby, alike.

That said, if you don’t have a fence for your home yet, refer to this guide to help you select the style that best fits your residence’s design.

1. Picket Fence—Traditional and Contemporary Homes

A traditional setting is what you probably think of first when you hear “picket fences,” but this style has actually adapted well to the changing trends. You can have a wooden picket fence, if you’re going for the classic look, or improve on durability by opting for sturdy aluminum fence panels. A metal picket fence is highly versatile, fitting both traditional and contemporary homes—and possibly even period homes.

2. Split Rails—Rustic Homes

Rustic or country-style homes definitely call for the classic split rail fences. Its old distressed wood material is a dramatic contrast against the bright blooms you’ll grow in your garden. Moreover, their organic look is a key characteristic of every rustic setting.

3. Horizontal Slats—Contemporary Homes

If the classic picket fence looks dated in your opinion, consider horizontal slats, instead. Made with steel and painted a color of your choice, this style is incredibly chic and functional, as it offers more privacy because of the smaller gaps between slats.


4. Concrete—Industrial Homes

Since industrial style spaces are known for incorporating utilitarian elements and embracing the “unfinished” look, concrete fences would match this aesthetic. This type of fencing offers superior privacy and is highly functional. Plus, its urban appeal makes it an amazing aesthetic enhancement for the industrial style.

5. Horizontal Wood Panels—Zen Homes

A Zen space promotes calmness, tranquility, and proximity to nature. As such, a horizontal wood panel fence would work great in this type of space. Adorn it with plants to transform it into a green or living wall. If you have ample garden spaces by the fences, consider creating an oasis  to achieve the ultimate Zen garden. Include seasonal blooms and lots of greenery to soothe your spirit.

6. Wrought-iron Fence—Traditional and Coastal Homes

Wrought-iron fences are another classic, which is why they’re also a perfect choice for traditional style homes apart from picket fences. Their low-maintenance quality and durability makes them great for coastal homes, too, since the beach is known to have lots of humidity which can ruin wood and concrete. However, wrought-iron fences may rust, so be sure to carefully prepare this type of fencing with an anti rust coating and rust-proof paint.

7.  Barn Wood Fence—Shabby Chic

Shabby chic homes numerous similarities with rustic homes, so a barn wood fence complements this aesthetic very well. Have the fence made of distressed wood to emphasize its key style characteristics, which are vintage and organic elements.

These seven popular fence styles should give you an idea of which choice best complements your home. Widen your options and get that perfect fence style to set off your property’s overall aesthetic.

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