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Dental Hygiene Going With Technological Developments

Technological advancement has improved life by miles, more so in healthcare. Quantifying the number of lives saved is impossible. Electronic Health Records (EHRs), better public health, lower treatment costs and easier workflow are just some of the benefits realized in healthcare in general. Dental hygiene and anything related to it is not an exception in this constant progress.

Innovation in this sphere has undoubtedly improved the experience for both patients and dentists. Not everyone will agree with the many advantages brought by technology, but most can agree that pediatric dentists in Lehi can now offer a promising future to patients. A look at the following list of technological solutions will put into perspective the progress made in dental hygiene.

1.    Electric Toothbrush

The debate about electric and manual toothbrushes has been active ever since the manufacture of the first power toothbrush. Apart from the exciting technology, the electric toothbrush is more effective in brushing. Kids may still have not mastered the art of brushing, so using the electric version takes care of periodontal disease and plaque better. Kids will even find using this toothbrush fun. Hence they will brush often.

2.    Bluetooth-Enabled Toothbrush

Taking dental health to even higher levels is a toothbrush that is responsive to Bluetooth technology. It is an electric toothbrush yes, but on a more advanced level. One of the most recognizable brands in this area is the DiamondClean Smart by Philips®. Working in tandem with an app, this toothbrush offers crucial data such as brushing pressure, brushing coverage, oral problem spots and so forth.

3.    Zirconium Crowns

This is one of the latest and exciting technologies coming from the dentistry arena. Conventionally, titanium crowns have been the preferred option, but the arrival of this non-metal option has turned tables. Better aesthetics is the main selling point of this treatment, as this provides a natural outlook.

4.    Distraction Technology

Distraction is one of the tricks pediatrics, and even dentists for adults use to make the dental visit as enjoyable as possible. Ceilings are nowadays equipped with screens that deliver all form of relevant entertainment. Patients also get the chance to play with iPads. Other methods that modern dentists are using to pamper their patients, young and old are massaging chair, scented pillow, music systems and televisions. Even a kid will look forward to the next visit.


Dentist showing the x-ray of patient5.    Digital Radiography

You will probably find no conventional radiographs in any hospital because dentists have embraced new technology. Digital radiographs use phosphor plate for swifter results. With the image displayed on a screen, the doctor can take the patient through the issue at hand. Research in this area is still ongoing so you can expect even deeper oral analysis in future.

6.    Laser Technology

Detection of dental problems takes many forms, but very few offer the effectiveness of a laser. For instance, dentists use a diode laser for cavity diagnosis and treatment. Lasers have additional applications including curing, sterilization and sealing.

7.    Painless Injections

Dentists get a competitive advantage over their patients through this advancement of injections. Oral injections have now taken over, so kids can get the same treatment comfortably. Sedation is also part of modern dentistry.

Patients will continue to experience surprising dental hygiene improvement thanks to technological advances in medicine. Some of these technologies may seem unnecessary, but their charm factor is irreplaceable.

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