Carport or Garage: Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Place

Being able to purchase a vehicle can be considered an achievement for some. As such is the case, it’s normal to want to keep it protected. A logical choice would be to have some form of shelter for it, but which should you choose? Would you want a carport or a garage?

Here are some important questions that you might want to ask for consideration:

How Much Time Do You Have?

Building a shelter for your car will take some time, and while you may not be the one who will set it up, you may find part of your home activities interrupted. If this is the case, then you’d want to have it done as quickly as possible, and a company that builds carports here in Sunshine Coast is best to contact for this purpose.

What Level of Protection Do You Want?

The main reason why you would want to build a shelter in the first place is to protect your car. Both types can help shield your vehicle from the elements, so any of them would be alright if that is your only concern.

However, if you’re in a neighbourhood that is prone to burglars, then you might want to lean towards buying a garage for your car.

How Much Can You Afford?


Of course, you would need to spend some money to get your shelter built. But the kind that you can put up may depend on your budget. If your funds are tight, then you may want to lean towards a carport.

But if you can afford the higher level of protection of a garage, then you can choose to have a garage built next to your house instead.

Is Appearance Important?

The shelter that you’re going to provide for your car is going to become part of the house.  Because of this, its appearance and customisability can also become factors in your decision making. This is one of the criteria in which carports shine.

Aside from having more than one kind of appearance, you can also choose to put in decorations at times without making it look awkward. But if function is more your cup of tea, then a garage is a good choice.

Would You Require Extra Living Space?

Some people treat their car’s shelter area as they would another home extension. In a way, it is, although it’s not particularly intended as a living space. Yet, people still want to convert it into either a storage room or a guest room. If this is your idea for such an area, then you might want to consider building a garage.

Otherwise, a carport can also become an option

In the end, the choice is yours when it comes to your car’s shelter. Consider your needs and your budget when you go and make your decision. Asking these questions can help minimise your confusion over which to select. All you have to worry about now is what design you would like to have and use.

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