Office Upgrades for Boosting Workplace Productivity

The productivity of the workforce is an important key to increasing revenue, as well as the continued success of the business. Apart from the profit margin, a productive work environment can positively impact the employees’ job satisfaction. As a business owner, it’s your responsibility to create a work environment where your people can be productive and happy.

Fortunately, there are different ways for you to do just that. In this article, we’ll go through some of the best office space upgrades that you can do to create a conducive work environment that motivates your employees.

Create a collaboration room

With so many moving parts in a business, it’s quite easy for everyone handling multiple projects to get lost. If your teams or departments are currently struggling in getting things done, creating a collaboration room is the perfect solution. With this, your departments can easily conduct meetings and discussions and share their ideas with everyone on how to improve a project.  A collaboration room doesn’t have to be luxurious. It just needs to have enough space for your entire team, preferably with big tables and dry erase boards for the brainstorming.

Upgrade the bathroom

A bathroom upgrade is one of the most disregarded renovations when it comes to workspaces. When in fact, giving your employees a new and better bathroom can drastically boost their productivity and overall morale. Upgrade to a durable, shiny bathroom floor by having epoxy floor coatings. Doing so allows your bathroom to be easier to clean and prevents wear and tear on your current floors. You can also have your old bathroom fixtures replace for a more aesthetically pleasing look or repaint the walls with cleaner shades.

Another simple tip to make your office bathroom more comfortable to use is by providing better toilet paper. Purchase double-ply rolls. You’d also want to invest in a scent diffuser to prevent a strong and foul smell in your office bathroom.

Build different social places

Even on the busiest weeks, you and your employees need to socialize. Did you know that it can actually help boost your people’s productivity? Interacting with others in a positive way can fuel your employees’ motivation and boost their energy levels to work harder.

With that in mind, creating a designated social space where everyone can just socialize and take a break would be ideal. You can have a games room, a new communal lounge, or a rooftop social space. Have an extra budget for other office zones? You can also build private and quiet zones for those who just want to work in peace and quiet, or need a nap or privacy to think.

Green up the workspace

office work place

While it’s quite true that placing plants in the office can just add to your long list of work tasks, they offer tons of amazing benefits for your entire workforce. Aside from the common fact that they can improve the air quality indoors, they are also beneficial for boosting a person’s productivity and creativity. In fact, several studies found that people who work in a room with plants tend to perform better than others.

In addition, they can also help reduce the stress levels of your employees and make the work environment more soothing and comfortable. You can place plants on your office rooms and cubicles, or the entire office interiors. Got some plant lovers in your team? Encourage them to bring their own, too.

Use an energetic color palette

Another smart trick to improve the productivity of your team is upgrading the colors of your interiors. Colors are known to have a strong impact on influencing a person’s energy and mood. To set a tone for focus and clarity and create a pleasing mood, you can paint your uninspiring office environment with hues of blue.

For more energetic hues, you can add some bursts of orange for warmth and energy, shades of yellow to inspire happiness and positivity, or green to encourage balance and growth in the workplace. Be careful as some colors tend to negatively affect productivity. For instance, while black may seem to be a sleek choice, it gives off control and authority, which isn’t an encouraging and positive vibe in a work environment.

Redesign or upgrading a workspace can be challenging and time-consuming. It can even get costly too. But in turn, you can have a well-designed office where your workers can find inspiration and motivation to get their tasks done on time. Moreover, you get to have an aesthetically pleasing workspace that can impress any stakeholder or investor.

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