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A Car Buyer’s Body Style Choices for Audi Cars

When in the market for a car, you will, of course, choose between several brands. While some car manufacturers have been in existence for ages, some only came out in the last few decades. Most car buyers will go for brands that have invested so much in marketing, as these are the ones they associate with everything they are looking for in a good car. Good marketing does not, however, equate to the best one.

The Audi brand is renowned as the best in luxury vehicles. They offer better fuel economy compared to other luxury brands and feature some of the latest technologies that enhance road safety and driving experience. Moreover, the price tag of an Audi is far lower than what you would ordinarily expect from a luxury car brand.

You have different models to choose from when visiting a local Audi dealer, and it is easy to be overwhelmed if you are not sure what you want to buy. The following are a brief guide on the body style options to ease your choice.


This body style comes with five seats and four doors. An Audi sedan will have a larger trunk and rear seat compared to the coupe and will be the best choice for families and people who travel a lot. The sedan is heavier than the coupe but might need suspension or engine upgrades that minimize the impact of this weight on your fuel economy. Some of your Audi sedan alternatives include the A6/S6, A4/S4, A3/S3, and A8.


This type has two doors and four seats. It has a sloping roofline that generates a sleeker look compared to the sedan. Coupes also often have better braking and acceleration capabilities than other body styles. These are the primary reasons for their famous sporty reputation. While they might not be the best choices for a family car, they are perfect for those looking for thrilling speed. Your Audi coupe options include the R8 and A5/S5.

Car keysCabriolet

This is essentially a coupe with a soft or hard roof that can be rolled down for those who want an open-air driving. Cabriolets have two or four seats. They come with acoustic folding roofs that will keep out noise when up. The folding roof is operated at maximum speeds of 31mph, meaning you can get it up and down fast when the need arises. Your Audi cabriolet alternatives are the R8 Spyder, A5/S5, and A3.


This body style combines the features of a sedan, hatchback, and fastback coupe. An Audi Sportback has the same roomy interiors as a sedan, the truncated rear end, and sloping roofline of a coupe and a hatchback’s rear door. The Sportback body style is a highly practical one featured in the A5/S5. A7/S7 and A3 models.

Several tweaks exist for the above body styles in the Audi range. You will, therefore, get one that meets your exact specifications and budget. If you’re looking for quality and efficiency, there is no need to opt for any other car brand.

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