5 Easy Tips on How to Keep Your House Cool

Keeping your house cool during the hot summer days is not a perk, but a necessity. It’s not very comfortable when you feel sweaty and sticky all over. To remedy that, here are five things you can do to fight the heat and still stay cool even when it’s warm outside.

The no brainer option: Use air conditioning

Air conditioner

Having an HVAC unit at your home is the best way to keep your house cool during the summer and warm when winter comes in. You may opt for a central air conditioning here in Riverton to make your house cooler in no time at all and not feel the heat, especially when it becomes too much to bear for comfort.

A word of caution, though.  Make sure that you regularly maintain your AC unit or else it will not be as efficient in cooling your house. If you’re unsure how to do that, consider the help of professionals to maintain your HVAC unit for you.

Now, if you don’t want to crank up the AC because you’re worried of electric bills and you’re trying to save off some cash, below are four other things you can do instead to keep your house cool.

Lower indoor temperatures

According to experts, 30% of heat that makes your house unbearable is caused by open windows. To remedy that, you need to lower your home’s indoor temperatures to keep it cooler. Using curtains, like blackout ones, that block sunlight acts as a natural insulator for your home.

Using shades or blinds work, too, as long as you keep them closed. Insulating your house this way helps you lower the heat inside your home by up to 20 degrees and 33% if you’re using blackout curtains.

Keep the cool air in

Keeping your house cool is just a matter of sealing cracks and crags where hot air might come in and cool air to come out. Check your home for any cracks or vents that might be the culprit for the added heat when it’s hot and seal them.

Also, the simple act of closing doors on any unused rooms will help prevent the cool air from coming into them.

Install ceiling fans

Ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are well-known for their capability to circulate indoor air efficiently. It also makes them a wise choice for keeping your house cool, especially when you switch them to a counterclockwise rotation to force down cool air.

To make the cooling effect they provide even better, try filling a mixing bowl with ice. Then position it in front of your ceiling fan (or just a large fan) and voila! You’d get cooler air whips that are a bit chilly without hitting up the AC.

Insulate your roof

Insulating your roof keeps the cool air in when it’s hot and traps the warm air in when the weather gets cold. Metal roofs and walls are straightforward to insulate, and they might cost a bit for a while, but come the hot summer days, or the frigid winter days, you’d find it a worthy investment.

Remember, you don’t have to crank up your AC to stay comfortable in hot weather. By following most or all of these tips, you’d be making your house ready for summer and cooler than the outdoors.


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