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12 Car Accessories Every Dad with a Baby or Toddler Should Have in the Car

Every father to a baby or toddler needs these essential accessories for the car to keep their children safe and behaved, especially during long rides.

These accessories are easily available and do not require Bosch power tools or any other complicated device to put in your car. They can be installed and mounted with very little effort.

Having these in your car, especially when you’re going on a road trip will come very handy.

12 Car Accessories Every Parent with a Baby or Toddler Should Have in the Car

Travel Car Seat

The very first thing to secure for your child when it comes to car accessories is their own car seat. They help keep your child safe inside the car. Just make sure that the car seat you’re getting has FAA approval just in case you go on a flight sometime soon.

Lightweight Stroller

While a stroller isn’t exactly a car accessory, it is still a must-have for any parent with a small child. Always keep a lightweight stroller stashed in your trunk for short trips to the mall or the park.

Portable Organizer Box

Gone are the days when your car was filled with gym bags and work-related stuff. Traveling with a child means packing lots of extra kiddie stuff. Whether it be toys, books, drinking bottles, or whatever, you need something to put everything in so that your backseat doesn’t look like it went through a storm.

Tablet Headrest Mount

Nowadays, most kids are quite tech-savvy in their own way knowing how to work and operate an iPad. A headrest mount for their digital device helps keep them steady especially when they’re watching their favorite movie or cartoons.

Travel Potty Seat

Every dad’s nightmare is a child going off inside the car with no nappies on. Prevent this from happening and get yourself a portable potty seat for your child’s emergencies.

First Aid Kit

first aid kit

As a father, it is your duty to make sure your child is safe at all times. A first aid kit is a must if you have kids with you. Never leave home without it. Other than having one handy in your baby bag, keep a separate kit inside your car’s glove compartment.

Window Sunshade

A window sunshade is not just necessary for keeping the car cool. That’s what the air conditioning system is for. A sunshade keeps the harmful rays of the sun from your child and protects him or her from its bad effects.

Travel Tray

A travel tray is handy for eating, playing, coloring books, or watching on an iPad or tablet when you’re on the road. Just make sure that your child is secure in their seat and that everything he or she will need is easily accessible from the car seat.

Car Seat Organizer

Another organizer option for the car are organizers that you can hang from the back of the front seats. These hanging organizers come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and even their favorite characters.

Baby Car Seat Mirror

As an additional safety measure, you can install a baby car seat mirror that’s pointed directly at your kid so you don’t have to adjust the car’s rearview mirror from time to time.

Car Seat Protector Mat

Having kids in the car is equivalent to a messy backseat. Minimize backseat mess and grab a car seat protector mat to keep food crumbs and crayons and markers from messing up your precious upholstery.

Trash Bin

A car trash can is very handy, especially when going on a road trip with your kids. This gives your kids not just a place to throw their garbage in but the opportunity to learn how to maintain clean and orderly surroundings.

So be a responsible and loving dad and keep your child safe and occupied with these helpful car accessories to help you focus on the road without worrying about your children.

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